Concorde Tribute

1481Concorde Tribute

3D animation made in tribute to the first aircraft to achieve supersonic speeds. An iconic design from the 60’s that left a mark in the aerospace industry. We decided to make this animation as a technical challenge and as we were approaching the aircraft’s anniversary, it all came together.

80th Flower Festival

128880th Flower Festival

3D animation produced for 80th edition of the Flower Festival of Joinville – Brasil. This year’s theme was “Nature gets ready for the gala night”.

Haenschbier Animations

1116Haenschbier Animations

Haenschbier is a brewery from Joinville, in the south of Brazil. This series of animations was based on the artwork used on their bottle labels, and used in social media campaigns. Illustration by Diego Carvalho

Experimental bumper: Gloob

1530Experimental bumper: Gloob

Experimental 3D animation proposal we made as fan art, playing with the lively language of the children’s television channel Gloob. We were inspired by the channel’s way of combining and grouping letters like physical blocs, as if they were themselves toys and tools for the imagination. Playing with colorful marbles is one of those small…

79th Flower Festival

108979th Flower Festival

3D animation produced for the producer and agency Videobox, along with Mágica Comunicação agency, for the 79th edition of the Flower Festival of Joinville – SC. This year’s theme was “Gardens of the Future”.

BRF Christmas Kits

802BRF Christmas Kits

Every year BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, brings Christmas kits of its brands Sadia and Perdigão. In 2016 we were pleased to participate in part of this action with the production of animated videos for their online campaign. The project involved collaborating on script and storyboard writing, and the exclusive…