Fluxie & Friends are characters from inFlux English School kids books. Those animations are the video clips for the songs presented in the books.

Fluxie & Friends Song

Hello Song

My Face Song

My Favorite Toy Song

I Like Food Song


Client: inFlux English School

Producers: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni, Raphael Schmitz

Creative Director: Raphael Schmitz

Concept Art: Raphael Schmitz

2D Art: Raphael Schmitz

Storyboard: Augusto Henrique da Silva

3D Modeling & Look Dev:  André Mora

Rig: Márcio Engelke

Layout: Augusto Henrique

Animation: Augusto Henrique

Post & FX: André Mora, Raphael Schmitz

Audio: Slap Produtora de Áudio