Short videos developed for interactive cards on the LG TV Technologies website, where the goal was to illustrate the results of the research led by professor Marcello Zuffo at the University of São Paulo, highlighting that the OLED TV was shown superior in seven out of eight aspects when compared to other televisions. For this project, we designed the character Chameleon and developed 2D animations.

Character Development

At this stage, the aim was to create a character who had a connection to the OLED TV, while being fun, silly, and would fit within the universe of the character Beanbird, the mascot of WebOS. The character was designed as a chameleon, reflecting the competitive edge of OLED TVs – wide range and intensity of colors.


Creative Direction: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Character Design: Eduardo Kempner

Storyboard: Augusto Henrique

Animation: Augusto Henrique | Marcio Engelke

Audio: DBC Audio