The briefing for this project consisted in the conceptualisation and production of images for Positivo Teaching System textbooks for kindergarten, elementary and high school years. The covers fit inside a single concept, with different color schemes to identify each bimester, and characters change to reflect the age of the students.


Various approaches were presented, based on the pedagogic theories and principles pointed by our client, like tangencial learning and interactionism. The visual translation process explored some concepts like how rich and diverse could be the paths of life and learning built by the students and how their interests can be connected and expanded.

Chosen Route

The client asked for the overall concept to be less about exploration and more about creation. Therefore the inicial concepts evolved into scenes of different unique worlds being built collectively by groups of students who are enjoying their interests and collaborating in what is best: a Positive World.

Final Images

Four base illustrations were developed, with 14 layout and color variations. There are 44 covers in total, including textbooks, teacher and activity books, boxes for kindergarten material and CD covers.


Creative Direction: Raphael Schmitz | Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Concept and Art Direction: Raphael Schmitz

3D Modeling: Gabriel de Freitas | André Mora

Posing: André Mora

Shading & Lighting: Gabriel de Freitas

Post-production: Raphael Schmitz