AREA 51.1

Aliens fight in the spaceship! Visual development and production for AMBRA Gaming. This project included concept art, character design, 3D modeling, and animation.

Character Design

For the visual development of the game, we chose the alien sci-fi theme with vintage elements. For the main character, the concept of power was represented through its visual style and many powerful weapons and vehicles.



Concept Art: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni, Taynã Ristow

Storyboard: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni, Taynã Ristow

3D Modeling: Filipe Cabral

3D Animation: Filipe Cabral, Gilberto Magno

Look Dev: Filipe Cabral

Post Production: Filipe Cabral, Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Audio: DBC Audio