Fluxie AR

InFlux is an innovative language school, always seeking new ways to make the learning experience more efficient and engaging.

Every time students start a new book, they can now scan a target on the cover and find a new animation of Fluxie, the school’s mascot, in activities and adventures that are related to the book’s content.

There are 20 animations showing sports, interactions, travels, and all the places learning a new language can take you.

Available on Google Play and App Store.



Client: inFlux English School

Executive Production, Direction: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Graphic Design & UI: Mariana Olsen

Programming: Alan D’Lucas Bittencourt

UX Design: Bruno Pacini

Texture Painting: André Mora

3D Modeling: André Mora, Gabriel de Freitas

Animation: Augusto Henrique, Felipe Assis, Graciliano Camargo, José Ragazzan, Leônidas Maciel

Look Dev: Alan D’Lucas Bittencourt, André Mora

Audio: DBC Audio