Connect the Hextones and jump light-years in the Spacetime to be the great cosmic explorer.

A challenging matchup puzzle game based on classics genres like Domino, Ishido, Mahjong, and 3 matches. There are 25 unique Hextones formed by a combination of colors and symbols, and a total of 100 Hextones to be placed onto the grid.

“One of the better puzzlers Ive played in a long time. And this one doesnt 'end' like so many puzzles once youve passed every crafted puzzle. Well worth the purchase.
Nefer - Steam Player

Place the Hextone onto the grid by connecting one or more of its sides to one or more Hextones already placed on the grid. As more connections in a move, more fuel to the quantum engine, but don't forget to complete the current Tier to increase the connections bonus.

Play on PC or MAC through





Game Design, Creative Direction, Art, Production:
Thiago Dominoni

Programming, Animation:
Rafael Stader

Tech Art:
Rafael Stader | Thiago Dominoni