WKSP Rumble is the first corporate fighting game. Play with 100+ real employees of a real ad agency and get to know more about the advertising world in a pixel art journey full of ass kicking.

In a world where an ad agency decided to rumble, it's up to you to fight over 100 enemies. I mean, coworkers.

We turned every single one of our real employees into pixel art fighters. Now, you can pick between 134 Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo employees, from IT to HR and combine dozens of attributes and unique special moves from each department to rumble.

Meeting rooms, break rooms, bathrooms. Every room becomes an arena in the 8 bit replicas of our real world office.

Have you ever wondered how things work at an ad agency? No? Still, you can learn more about W+K in a unique story mode.

Release your stress in a bonus stage that you already know. Except, this time you're breaking our boss' car.

100% HR approved, 100% free to play. This game was an internal office project that we decided to share with you too. If you like it, hit us up.

Wieden+Kennedy is the agency behind the work from brands like Nike, Old Spice and, now, W+K Rumble. This game was an internal office project that we decided to share with you too. If you like it, hit us up.


Creative Executive Direction: Eduardo Lima | Renato Simões

Creatives: Felipe Paiva | José Ferraz | Rafael Melo | Bruno Oppido | Mariana Borga

Managing Director: Fernanda Antonelli

Broadcast: Maurício Yamashita | Ricardo Barbin

Production: NUKEARTS| WKE

Game Design: Alan Bittencourt | Augusto Henrique da Silva | Felipe Paiva | José Ferraz | Rafael Melo | Raphael Schmitz | Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Game Producer: Thiago Giovanne Dominoni

Backend and Lead Game Programing: Alan D'Lucas Bittencourt

Game Programing: Rafael Camillo Stader

Character Design: Felipe Paiva

Scenario Design: José Ferraz

Soundtrack and Voice-Over: Rafael Melo

Animation: Augusto Henrique da Silva | Andy Gorll | Arthur Barros | Chrystian Schmeguel de Oliveira | Denny Fischer | Felipe Ricardo Voigt | Felipe Paiva| Gabriel de Oliveira | Maria Clara Buffara Fretta | Thomas Toniolli

Script: Rafael Melo

Approval: Eduardo Lima | Renato Simões | Fernanda Antonelli